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Incorporated in 2010, Pan Gregorian of America LLC. is a company incepted by regional Pan Gregorian cooperatives. Each regional Pan Gregorian company consists of restaurant members who joined the groups in order to increase their buying leverage, save operation costs and improve the services they receive from major manufacturers and distributors.

The company has expanded the benefits offered to each regional group to service needs in the areas of financing, insurance, energy and marketing.

The new corporation enhances the corporate structure of the Pan Gregorian companies, to more effectively manage their buying leverage Regionally or Nationally thus helping manufacturers, distributors and restaurant members to find what best serves their interests in common and develop programs that best fit the nature of a particular market.

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Telephone: (908) 624-0250
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What Our Clients Say?

“ The Pangregorian of America is the single most important organization an restaurant company can be affiliated with. Providing education and training, and the many cost saving programs, not only allow us to survive in a tough business, but actually are the reason we survive.

- John Pappas, La Bella Ristorante